Paradise Express (1937)

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“Paradise Express” is a 1937 American film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Grant Withers and Dorothy Appleby. The movie is a classic B-Western that tells the story of a group of lawmen and outlaws who board a train to transport a notorious criminal to trial. The train becomes the stage for a showdown between the two groups, as they battle to gain control of the prisoner.

The film opens with a robbery, where a band of outlaws led by Trigger Magee (played by Charles Middleton) steals a valuable shipment of gold. The lawmen are hot on their heels and manage to capture Trigger, but they must transport him across the country by train to stand trial. The train is the Paradise Express, and it is filled with a colorful cast of characters, including a newspaper reporter named Steve (played by Grant Withers) and a young woman named Mary (played by Dorothy Appleby).

As the train makes its way across the country, Trigger’s gang attempts to free him by any means necessary, leading to a series of action-packed and suspenseful scenes. Along the way, Steve and Mary fall in love, and Steve finds himself torn between his duty to the law and his feelings for Mary.

Eventually, Trigger’s gang manages to derail the train, and a dramatic shootout ensues. In the end, Trigger is killed, and Steve and Mary are left to continue their romance.

“Paradise Express” is a classic example of the B-Western genre, with its fast-paced action, dramatic confrontations, and colorful characters. It was a popular film at the time of its release and has since become a favorite among fans of classic Westerns.

Joseph Kane

Jack Natteford, Betty Burbridge, Allan Vaughan Elston

Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby, Arthur Hoyt

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