Outlaws of Boulder Pass (1942)

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“Outlaws of Boulder Pass” is a Western movie released in 1942. The film is directed by Sam Newfield and stars George Houston, Al St. John, and Dennis Moore.

The movie follows the story of Tom Cameron (George Houston), a government agent who is sent to investigate a series of robberies in a small town near Boulder Pass. The robberies are being committed by a gang of outlaws who are led by a mysterious figure known as “The Shadow.”

Tom arrives in town and teams up with his old friend, Fuzzy Jones (Al St. John), who is the local sheriff. They quickly discover that the outlaws have been using an abandoned mine shaft as their hideout. Tom and Fuzzy set out to capture the outlaws and put a stop to their criminal activities.

As they investigate, Tom and Fuzzy come across a group of innocent settlers who have been caught up in the outlaws’ schemes. The settlers are being forced to sell their land to the outlaws at a fraction of its value, and the outlaws are using violence to intimidate them.

Tom and Fuzzy realize that they must act fast to protect the settlers and bring the outlaws to justice. With the help of the settlers and a group of cowboys, Tom and Fuzzy engage in a thrilling shootout with the outlaws at Boulder Pass.

In the end, Tom and Fuzzy emerge victorious, and “The Shadow” is revealed to be the town’s respected judge, who had been using his position of power to commit crimes. The judge is arrested, and the town is safe once again.

Sam Newfield

Sam Robins

George Houston, Al St. John, Dennis Moore

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