One Body Too Many (1944)

4/5 (2)

“One Body Too Many” is a comedy-mystery movie released in 1944. The film follows the adventures of a timid insurance salesman named Albert Tuttle (played by Jack Haley) who visits an old mansion to deliver a large insurance policy to a wealthy millionaire named Cyrus J. Rutherford.

However, upon arriving at the mansion, Tuttle discovers that Rutherford has been murdered and his body has gone missing. The butler of the mansion, played by Bela Lugosi, tells Tuttle that he must keep the murder a secret and find the body before the police do.

Tuttle becomes embroiled in a web of mystery as he meets a cast of eccentric characters who may have had motives to kill Rutherford, including his greedy relatives, his beautiful secretary, and a mysterious woman who claims to be a medium.

As Tuttle tries to solve the murder mystery, he gets into all sorts of slapstick situations and comedic misunderstandings. The film culminates in a dramatic and hilarious finale, with Tuttle finally discovering the identity of the killer and saving the day.

Overall, “One Body Too Many” is a charming and entertaining film that blends comedy and mystery in a unique way, and features a strong cast of talented actors.

Frank McDonald

Winston Miller, Maxwell Shane

Jack Haley, Jean Parker, Bela Lugosi

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