Night Train To Munich (1940)

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“Night Train to Munich” is a 1940 British thriller directed by Carol Reed and starring Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, and Paul Henreid. The movie tells the story of a British secret agent who goes undercover in Nazi Germany to rescue a Czech scientist and his daughter.

The film begins with the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938. The Czech scientist Axel Bomasch (played by James Harcourt) is captured and taken to Germany to work on a top-secret weapon for the Nazis. His daughter, Anna (played by Lockwood), is also taken into custody, but manages to escape to England with the help of a British secret agent, Gus Bennett (played by Harrison).

When the Nazis learn that Anna has escaped, they send their top agent, Captain Axel von Aschenbach (played by Henreid), to track her down. Gus and Anna are forced to go undercover and travel to Germany on the titular “Night Train to Munich” in order to rescue her father.

Once in Germany, Gus and Anna are aided by a variety of characters, including a sympathetic Gestapo agent and a resourceful cabaret singer. However, they are also pursued by Captain von Aschenbach and must use all of their wits and resources to evade capture.

“Night Train to Munich” is a tense and suspenseful film that explores themes of patriotism, sacrifice, and bravery in the face of danger. The movie’s strong performances and intricate plot twists keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while its message of hope and perseverance is both inspiring and uplifting.

Carol Reed

Gordon Wellesley, Sidney Gilliat, Frank Launder

Margaret Lockwood, Rex Harrison, Paul Henreid

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