Nabonga (1944)

3/5 (1)

“Nabonga” is a 1944 adventure film directed by Sam Newfield. The movie stars Buster Crabbe as a pilot named Jim “Nevada” Bradford, who crashes his plane in the jungle while carrying a load of diamonds. He is rescued by a girl named Doreen (Julie London) who is the daughter of a missionary. Doreen’s fiancĂ© Bob (Barton MacLane) becomes jealous of Jim and steals the diamonds, framing Jim for the theft. Jim is forced to flee into the jungle, where he befriends a gorilla named Nabonga.

Jim and Nabonga team up to survive in the jungle and also to clear Jim’s name. Along the way, they meet a group of hunters who are after Nabonga, and Jim must fight to protect his new friend. In the end, Jim and Nabonga are able to prove Jim’s innocence and return the stolen diamonds to their rightful owners. Jim also wins the heart of Doreen, who realizes that he is the man for her instead of Bob.

Overall, “Nabonga” is an exciting adventure movie with a unique twist of a man and his gorilla friend as the heroes of the story. It features some impressive jungle scenery and exciting action scenes, making it a fun movie to watch for fans of adventure films.

Sam Newfield

Fred Myton

Buster Crabbe, Fifi D’Orsay, Barton MacLane

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