My Pal Trigger (1946)

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“My Pal Trigger” is a Western film from 1946, directed by Frank McDonald and starring Roy Rogers, Trigger, and Dale Evans.

The film follows the story of Roy Rogers (played by himself), a horse trainer who discovers a beautiful wild stallion in the wilderness. Roy decides to train the stallion, whom he names Trigger, and the two quickly form a strong bond.

As Trigger becomes a famous rodeo horse, Roy falls in love with a woman named Claire (played by Dale Evans), who works as a singer in a local saloon. However, their relationship is complicated by the arrival of a villainous businessman named Weston (played by Jack Holt), who is trying to take over Claire’s saloon and is willing to resort to violence to get what he wants.

When Weston’s men steal Trigger and hold him for ransom, Roy and his friends must come up with a plan to rescue Trigger and bring Weston to justice. The film features plenty of action-packed scenes, including horseback chases and shootouts, as well as musical performances by Dale Evans.

Ultimately, Roy and his friends are able to save Trigger and stop Weston’s plans. The film ends with Roy and Claire getting married and Trigger becoming a beloved and famous rodeo horse.

“My Pal Trigger” is a classic Western film that showcases the bond between a man and his horse. The film also features the iconic singing duo of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who would go on to become one of the most popular couples in the history of Western films.

Frank McDonald, Yakima Canutt

Jack Townley, John K. Butler, Paul Gangelin

Roy Rogers, Trigger, George ‘Gabby’ Hayes

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