Money Madness (1948)

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“Money Madness” is a crime drama film released in 1948, directed by Sam Newfield and produced by Sigmund Neufeld. The film stars Hugh Beaumont, Frances Rafferty, Harlan Warde, and Robert Clarke.

The story follows a successful businessman named David Carroll (played by Hugh Beaumont) who becomes obsessed with making more money. His obsession drives him to neglect his wife, Julie (played by Frances Rafferty), and his young son, Tommy (played by Tommy Ivo). David begins to engage in risky investments, putting his family’s future at risk.

Things take a turn for the worse when David’s business partner, Phil Vernon (played by Harlan Warde), embezzles a large sum of money and frames David for the crime. David is arrested and faces a lengthy prison sentence.

With her husband behind bars, Julie struggles to support herself and their son. She eventually learns the truth about Phil’s deception and works to clear David’s name. In the end, David is exonerated and reunited with his family.

The film highlights the dangers of greed and the importance of family and honesty.

Sam Newfield

Al Martin

Hugh Beaumont, Frances Rafferty, Harlan Warde

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