Miss London Ltd. (1943)

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“Miss London Ltd.” is a British musical comedy film released in 1943, directed by Val Guest and starring Ronald Shiner, Arthur Askey, and Anne Shelton.

The film is set in wartime London, where the Miss London Ltd. beauty contest is taking place. The contest is being held to raise funds for charity, and the winner will receive a prize of £25,000. The contest is hosted by Arthur Goodbody (Arthur Askey), a radio presenter who is also the master of ceremonies for the contest.

The contestants include a diverse group of young women, each with their own unique backgrounds and personalities. One of them, Peggy (Anne Shelton), is a talented singer who catches the eye of Arthur. However, Peggy’s boyfriend, a soldier named Tommy (Max Bacon), is also in London on leave, and he is not pleased to see her in the contest.

As the contest progresses, a series of mishaps and misunderstandings ensue, leading to chaos both onstage and off. Meanwhile, Arthur and Peggy grow closer, but their budding romance is threatened by the presence of Tommy, as well as by the scheming of a rival contestant, Trixie (Evelyn Dall).

In the end, the winner of the contest is announced, and Arthur and Peggy are able to reconcile and perform a duet together. The film ends on a high note, with the contestants and audience celebrating the success of the contest and the triumph of love over adversity.

Val Guest

Marriott Edgar, Val Guest

Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall, Anne Shelton

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