Martyrs of the Alamo (1915)

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“Martyrs of the Alamo” is a silent historical epic film released in 1915, directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Sam De Grasse, Allan Sears, and Walter Long.

The film tells the story of the 1836 Battle of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, during the Texas Revolution. The Alamo was a fortified mission complex that was defended by a small group of Texian (American) soldiers against a much larger Mexican army led by General Santa Anna (played by Sam De Grasse).

The film portrays the bravery and sacrifice of the Texian soldiers who fought to the death to defend the Alamo against overwhelming odds. Among the defenders were legendary figures such as Davy Crockett (played by Allan Sears) and Jim Bowie (played by Wallace Reid).

Despite the overwhelming Mexican forces, the Texians held out for 13 days before being overrun and killed. The film depicts the final battle in vivid detail, including the famous cry of “Remember the Alamo!” that became a rallying cry for Texians in their fight for independence.

“Martyrs of the Alamo” was a landmark film in the history of cinema, with its epic scale and realistic battle scenes. The film was also notable for its use of location shooting, with many scenes filmed on location at the actual Alamo mission in San Antonio. The film remains a classic example of the historical epic genre and a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the defenders of the Alamo.
Christy Cabanne

Christy Cabanne, Theodosia Harris

Sam De Grasse, Allan Sears, Walter Long

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