Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938)

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“Lightning Carson Rides Again” is a Western movie released in 1938, directed by Sam Newfield and starring Tim McCoy, Joan Barclay, and Ted Adams. The film follows the story of a cowboy named Lightning Carson (Tim McCoy), who must protect a group of settlers from a gang of outlaws who are determined to drive them off their land.

The movie begins with Carson arriving in a small town where he meets the beautiful Julie Warren (Joan Barclay) and her father, a homesteader who has been targeted by a group of bandits led by the ruthless Ace Barco (Ted Adams). Carson takes on the job of protecting the Warren family and the other settlers in the area.

As Carson and Julie work to organize the settlers and defend themselves against the bandits, they also must contend with corrupt lawmen who are in cahoots with the outlaws. The situation becomes increasingly dangerous as the bandits step up their attacks, and Carson must use all his skills and cunning to outsmart them.

The movie features several thrilling action sequences, including a horseback chase and a dramatic showdown between Carson and Barco. Ultimately, Carson and the settlers are able to drive off the outlaws and establish a new community on the land they have fought so hard to protect.

Overall, “Lightning Carson Rides Again” is a classic Western movie that showcases Tim McCoy’s rugged charm and the timeless themes of justice and redemption that have made the genre so enduring.

Sam Newfield

Isadore Bernstein

Tim McCoy, Joan Barclay, Ted Adams

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