King Solomon’s Mines (1937)

4/5 (2)

“King Solomon’s Mines” is a 1937 adventure film directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, and Anna Lee. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by H. Rider Haggard.

The story follows Allan Quartermain (Cedric Hardwicke), a hunter and adventurer who is hired by a woman named Elizabeth Curtis (Anna Lee) to lead an expedition to find her missing father, who was searching for the fabled King Solomon’s Mines in Africa. Along the way, they are joined by a Zulu warrior named Umbopa (Paul Robeson) who claims to know the location of the mines.

The group encounters many dangers on their journey, including hostile tribes, treacherous terrain, and deadly animals. They also discover a hidden kingdom ruled by a ruthless queen (played by Roland Young) who desires the treasure of King Solomon’s Mines for herself.

As they journey deeper into the African wilderness, the group faces many challenges and must use their skills and wits to survive. Along the way, Allan and Elizabeth develop a romantic relationship, and Umbopa’s true identity and motivations are revealed.

“King Solomon’s Mines” is a thrilling adventure story with exotic locations, colorful characters, and exciting action sequences. The film has become a classic of the adventure genre and has been adapted into several other films and television shows over the years.

Robert Stevenson, Geoffrey Barkas

H. Rider Haggard, Michael Hogan, Roland Pertwee

Paul Robeson, Cedric Hardwicke, Roland Young

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