Killer Dill (1947)

4/5 (2)

“Killer Dill” is a 1947 American crime comedy film directed by Lewis D. Collins and starring Stuart Erwin, Lionel Stander, and Ann Savage.

The movie follows the misadventures of two con artists, Harry (Stuart Erwin) and Willie (Lionel Stander), who come up with a scheme to cheat a wealthy businessman, J. Hamilton Gibbs (Frank Fenton), out of $15,000. The duo convinces Gibbs to invest in a fake oil well venture, promising him a huge return on his investment.

However, their plans are complicated when Harry falls in love with Gibbs’ daughter, Helen (Ann Savage), who is suspicious of the oil well venture and starts investigating it. As the two con artists try to cover their tracks and maintain their scheme, they become entangled in a web of lies, deceit, and murder.

As the movie progresses, the tension rises as Harry and Willie must use all their cunning and street smarts to avoid getting caught and stay alive. The movie reaches its climax with a dramatic showdown between the con artists and the law, and the final twist leaves the audience surprised.

Overall, “Killer Dill” is a classic crime comedy that showcases the talents of its lead actors and keeps the audience entertained with its clever plot twists and witty dialogue.

Lewis D. Collins

Alan Friedman, John O’Dea

Stuart Erwin, Anne Gwynne, Frank Albertson

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