Invisible Ghost (1941)

2.5/5 (2)

“Invisible Ghost” is a 1941 American horror film directed by Joseph H. Lewis. The movie follows the story of a wealthy man named Charles Kessler (played by Bela Lugosi) who is haunted by the memory of his wife, who disappeared several years earlier.

Kessler’s wife, who was presumed dead, suddenly reappears in his life, but only he can see her. Whenever Kessler sees her, he becomes possessed and is driven to commit murder. Despite his attempts to control his actions, Kessler cannot resist the influence of his invisible wife, and the body count begins to rise.

As the murders continue, Kessler’s daughter Virginia (played by Polly Ann Young) and her fiancĂ© Ralph (played by John McGuire) become suspicious of Kessler’s behavior. They begin to investigate the strange occurrences in the house and eventually discover the truth about Kessler’s invisible wife.

Overall, “Invisible Ghost” is a classic horror movie that blends elements of suspense, mystery, and the supernatural. The film is notable for Bela Lugosi’s performance as Charles Kessler, a man tormented by his own guilt and haunted by his past. The movie is also known for its eerie atmosphere and spooky soundtrack, which add to the overall sense of dread and unease.

Joseph H. Lewis

Helen Martin, Al Martin

Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young, John McGuire

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