Inner Sanctum (1948)

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“Inner Sanctum” is a 1948 film noir directed by Lew Landers and starring Charles Russell and Mary Beth Hughes. The movie follows the story of a woman named Mary who is found murdered, and her husband, a successful physician named Richard, is the prime suspect in her death. Richard becomes increasingly paranoid as the investigation unfolds, and he begins to see visions of Mary’s ghost, which seem to be trying to lead him to the real killer.

As Richard’s mental state deteriorates, he becomes more and more convinced that his neighbor, a wealthy and eccentric old man named Melton, is the murderer. Meanwhile, Richard’s secretary, Evelyn, has developed romantic feelings for him and is determined to help clear his name.

As the investigation continues, the true identity of the killer is revealed, and Richard is finally exonerated. However, the experience has taken a toll on his mental health, and the film ends with him being taken away to a sanitarium for treatment.

Lew Landers

Jerome T. Gollard

Charles Russell, Mary Beth Hughes, Billy House

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