Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill (1950)

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“Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill” is a 1950 drama film directed by Ralph Murphy. The story follows a small town in New England that is hit by a devastating hurricane.

The film centers around a family living on Pilgrim Hill, including father Ben Warren (John McIntire), mother Helen Warren (Linda Darnell), and their teenage daughter, Nancy (Shirley Temple). As the hurricane approaches, the family prepares for the worst, but they are soon separated by the storm.

Ben and Helen become trapped in their home, which is quickly flooding, while Nancy is swept away by the floodwaters. The family must fight to survive the storm and find each other amidst the chaos.

As they struggle to survive, they encounter other residents of the town who are also fighting for their lives. These include the town doctor, who is trying to reach a patient in need, and a group of stranded travelers who seek refuge in the town.

Despite the danger and destruction around them, the residents of Pilgrim Hill come together to help each other through the storm. They work to rebuild their homes and their lives in the aftermath of the hurricane, and the experience brings them closer together as a community.

Overall, “Hurricane at Pilgrim Hill” is a gripping drama that showcases the power of human resilience and the strength of community in the face of disaster.

Richard L. Bare

James Charles Lynch

Clem Bevans, Cecil Kellaway, David Bruce

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