Hot Rod Girl (1956)

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“Hot Rod Girl” is a classic American film from 1956 that follows the story of a young woman named Lori Nelson who becomes involved in the dangerous world of hot rod racing.

Nelson’s character, named “Gloria,” is a rebellious teenager who falls in love with a young hot rod racer named “J.D.” (played by Chuck Connors). J.D. is the leader of a gang of young racers who are constantly pushing the limits of their cars and endangering their lives in the process.

As Gloria becomes more involved with J.D. and his gang, she also becomes more aware of the dangers and risks involved in hot rod racing. When J.D. becomes involved in a dangerous street race with a rival gang, Gloria must try to convince him to give up his dangerous lifestyle and settle down with her.

The film features a number of exciting and dramatic racing scenes, as well as some tense moments as Gloria and J.D. navigate their relationship and try to find a way to balance their love for each other with their passion for racing.

Overall, “Hot Rod Girl” is a thrilling and entertaining film that captures the spirit of teenage rebellion and the excitement of hot rod racing in the 1950s.

Leslie H. Martinson

John McGreevey

Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, John Smith

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