His Double Life (1933)

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“His Double Life” is a 1933 drama film directed by Arthur Hopkins and starring Roland Young, Lillian Gish, and Montagu Love. The film tells the story of a wealthy businessman named Jack Holt (Roland Young), who has a reputation for being honest and upright in his business dealings. However, he leads a secret life as a notorious jewel thief known as “The Cat.”

One day, Jack is visited by his former lover, Helen (Lillian Gish), who is now married to a wealthy and powerful man named Hubert (Montagu Love). Helen knows Jack’s secret and threatens to reveal it to the world unless he steals a valuable necklace from her husband’s safe. Jack agrees to the plan, but things go awry when Hubert catches him in the act.

To save himself, Jack tells Hubert that he is actually an undercover detective investigating a jewel theft ring, and that he has been using his double life as The Cat to gain access to their inner circle. Hubert buys the story and agrees to help Jack catch the real thieves. In the end, Jack manages to clear his name and win back Helen’s love, but not before a thrilling climax involving a daring heist and a narrow escape.

Overall, “His Double Life” is a suspenseful and entertaining drama that explores themes of deception, loyalty, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Arthur Hopkins

Arnold Bennett, Clara Beranger, Arthur Hopkins

Roland Young, Lillian Gish, Montagu Love

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