Hell Fire Austin (1932)

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“Hell Fire Austin” is a western film directed by Forrest Sheldon and released in 1932. The film features Buck Jones as the lead character, Steve Austin.

The story follows Steve Austin, a rancher who is falsely accused of rustling cattle by a group of powerful men who are trying to take control of the local water rights. When Austin’s partner is murdered, he sets out to clear his name and bring the real culprits to justice.

Along the way, Austin meets and falls in love with Fay Winters, the daughter of a local rancher who is also being targeted by the same group of men. Together, they work to uncover the truth behind the crimes and bring peace to their community.

The film features classic western themes such as justice, love, and the struggle for power in the untamed American West. With thrilling action sequences and impressive stunts, “Hell Fire Austin” is an entertaining example of early Hollywood westerns.

Forrest Sheldon

Forrest Sheldon

Ken Maynard, Ivy Merton, Nat Pendleton

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