Hands Of A Stranger (1962)

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“Hands of a Stranger” is a 1962 horror-thriller film directed by Newt Arnold. The movie follows a concert pianist named Vernon Paris who loses his hands in a car accident. After being fitted with prosthetic hands, Vernon begins to experience strange sensations and realizes that the hands belonged to a murderer.

As Vernon struggles to come to terms with his new hands and their sinister past, he becomes increasingly paranoid and begins to suspect those around him. His girlfriend, Francie, and his doctor, Dr. Benbow, try to help him through his trauma, but Vernon’s obsession with the hands and the crimes they committed leads him down a path of madness.

As Vernon becomes more unstable, he is eventually confronted by the real killer, who wants his hands back. In a dramatic finale, Vernon must fight for his life and overcome the evil influence of the hands.

“Hands of a Stranger” is a tense and unsettling film, featuring strong performances by Paul Lukather as Vernon Paris and Joan Harvey as Francie. The movie’s exploration of the psychological effects of trauma and the idea of being haunted by one’s own body parts has made it a classic of the horror genre.

Newt Arnold

Newt Arnold, Maurice Renard

Paul Lukather, Joan Harvey, James Noah

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