Good Morning Boys (1937)

4.67/5 (3)

“Good Morning Boys” is a 1937 British comedy film directed by Marcel Varnel and starring Will Hay, Graham Moffatt, and Martita Hunt. The film follows the misadventures of Dr. Benjamin Twist (Hay), a bumbling schoolteacher who is recruited to become the headmaster of a troubled boys’ school.

Upon arriving at the school, Dr. Twist discovers that the students are completely out of control and that the staff is incompetent. With the help of his young assistant Albert (Moffatt) and a sympathetic teacher named Miss Poppy Dickey (Hunt), Dr. Twist sets about reforming the school and bringing discipline to the unruly students.

As they work to turn the school around, Dr. Twist and his team must also deal with a gang of ruthless criminals who are attempting to steal a valuable diamond that is hidden somewhere on the school grounds. With the help of his quick wit and clever schemes, Dr. Twist manages to outsmart the criminals and save the day.

The film is known for its clever dialogue and slapstick humor, as well as the endearing performances of its cast. It was a commercial success upon its release and remains a beloved classic of British comedy.

Marcel Varnel

Anthony Kimmins, Val Guest, Leslie Arliss

Will Hay, Martita Hunt, Peter Gawthorne

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