Gambler’s Choice (1944)

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“Gamblers Choice” is a 1944 drama film directed by Frank McDonald. Here’s a summary of the film:

“Gamblers Choice” tells the story of a talented jockey named Joan Wright, played by Barbara Stanwyck. Joan is known for her exceptional horse-riding skills and dreams of winning the Kentucky Derby, the most prestigious horse racing event.

However, Joan’s ambitions are hindered by her association with a group of unscrupulous gamblers led by the cunning Mike Callahan, portrayed by Irving Bacon. These gamblers manipulate Joan and pressure her into throwing races for their financial gain.

Amidst the moral dilemmas and the allure of money, Joan’s integrity is tested. She must decide whether to succumb to the pressure and compromise her values or remain true to her passion for horse racing and strive for genuine success.

As the film progresses, Joan finds solace and support from her loving father, Pop Wright, played by Samuel S. Hinds, who encourages her to follow her heart and resist the temptations of the gambling world.

“Gamblers Choice” explores themes of integrity, loyalty, and the consequences of moral compromise. It depicts the seedy underbelly of the gambling industry and the conflicts faced by individuals who find themselves entangled in its web.

The film showcases Barbara Stanwyck’s talent as she delivers a compelling performance, portraying Joan Wright as a strong-willed and determined woman torn between her love for the sport and the pressures surrounding her.

Ultimately, “Gamblers Choice” presents a moral dilemma and the choices made by its central character in a world filled with corruption and temptation. It offers a glimpse into the complexities of the horse racing industry and the struggles faced by those involved.

Please note that “Gamblers Choice” is not as widely known or discussed as some other films of its time, and there may be limited information available about it.

Frank McDonald

Maxwell Shane, Irving Reis, Howard Emmett Rogers

Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Russell Hayden

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