Frontier Horizon (1939)

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“Frontier Horizon” is a Western movie released in 1939, directed by George Sherman and starring John Wayne, Ray Middleton, and Jennifer Jones. The film follows the story of a group of settlers who are trying to establish a new home on the American frontier, but are threatened by a group of outlaws who want to steal their land.

The movie begins with Wayne’s character, a cowboy named Stony Brooke, and his two friends, Tucson Smith (Ray Middleton) and Rusty Joslin (Ventura, credited as “George ‘Gabby’ Hayes”), stumbling upon a group of settlers who have been attacked by a gang of outlaws led by Bull Bragg (Ward Bond). The settlers are determined to continue their journey to a new home in the West, but are in desperate need of protection.

Stony, Tucson, and Rusty take on the task of helping the settlers reach their destination safely, despite the constant threat of attack by the outlaws. Along the way, Stony falls in love with the beautiful young daughter of one of the settlers, Ann (Jennifer Jones), and must also deal with tensions within the group of settlers themselves.

The movie features several thrilling action sequences, including a dramatic shootout between Stony and the outlaws, as well as a chase scene through the rugged Western landscape. Ultimately, Stony and his friends are able to overcome the obstacles and help the settlers establish a new home on the frontier.

Overall, “Frontier Horizon” is a classic Western movie that showcases John Wayne’s charisma and the timeless themes of justice, courage, and the struggle for a better life that have made the genre so enduring.

George Sherman

Betty Burbridge, Luci Ward, William Colt MacDonald

John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, Raymond Hatton

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