Fog Island (1945)

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“Fog Island” is a 1945 mystery-thriller film directed by Terry O. Morse and starring George Zucco, Lionel Atwill, and Jerome Cowan. The plot centers around a group of people who are invited to a remote island by eccentric millionaire, Geoffrey Bishop, who they believe wants to discuss a business proposition with them. However, they soon realize that Bishop has other, more sinister plans.

As the group arrives on the fog-shrouded island, they discover that they are cut off from the mainland due to a storm. Strange occurrences begin to happen, and tension rises as each guest realizes that they are being targeted by an unknown assailant. The group soon learns that Bishop has invited them to the island to exact revenge on those he believes are responsible for his imprisonment and financial ruin.

As the story unfolds, the guests attempt to figure out who is behind the attacks and what Bishop’s true motives are. In the end, they discover that Bishop is not who he appears to be and that his twisted plan involves framing one of the guests for his crimes.

The film is notable for its moody atmosphere, eerie setting, and use of suspenseful music to heighten tension. It is considered a classic example of the “old dark house” genre of thriller films that were popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

Terry O. Morse

Pierre Gendron, Bernadine Angus

George Zucc, oLionel Atwill, Jerome Cowan

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