Fit for a King (1937)

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“Fit for a King” is a comedy film released in 1937 and directed by Edward Sedgwick. The film stars Joe E. Brown, Helen Mack, and Paul Kelly.

The story follows Eddie Williams (Joe E. Brown), a hapless and unemployed man who dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. Eddie’s luck changes when he meets Marjorie (Helen Mack), a wealthy heiress who takes a liking to him and offers to sponsor his wrestling career.

Eddie eagerly accepts the offer and begins training for his first match. However, he soon discovers that Marjorie’s father, a prominent businessman named J.P. Trayner (Paul Kelly), disapproves of their relationship and will do anything to break them apart.

Despite the obstacles in their way, Eddie and Marjorie continue to pursue their love for each other and Eddie’s wrestling career. Along the way, Eddie uses his wit and charm to outsmart Trayner and his associates, and ultimately wins their respect.

In the end, Eddie triumphs in his first wrestling match and wins the heart of Marjorie. The film ends with Eddie and Marjorie happily united and looking forward to a bright future together.

Overall, “Fit for a King” is a lighthearted comedy that showcases the comedic talent of Joe E. Brown. The film features witty dialogue, charming performances, and an entertaining story of love and perseverance.

Edward Sedgwick

Richard Flournoy

Joe E. Brown, Helen Mack, Paul Kelly

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