Escape to Paradise (1939)

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“Escape to Paradise” is a romantic drama film directed by Erle C. Kenton and released in 1939. The movie tells the story of a woman who escapes from her dull life and finds love and adventure on a tropical island.

The film’s protagonist is Ellen Graham (Bobby Breen), a young girl who lives a sheltered life with her wealthy family. Feeling stifled by her privileged existence, Ellen decides to run away and seek adventure.

She ends up on a tropical island, where she meets a group of people who are also seeking to escape their pasts. Among them is Tony (Robert Cummings), a handsome musician who falls in love with Ellen.

As Ellen and Tony’s relationship blossoms, they face challenges from the other island residents who disapprove of their romance. Ellen also struggles with the decision to return home to her family or stay on the island with Tony.

In the end, Ellen chooses to stay on the island with Tony and embrace the life of adventure she has found. The film ends with the two of them sailing off into the sunset, happy and in love.

Overall, “Escape to Paradise” is a classic romantic drama that explores the themes of love, adventure, and finding one’s true self. The film features strong performances by Bobby Breen and Robert Cummings and stunning tropical scenery that transports the audience to a far-off paradise.

Erle C. Kenton

Ian McLellan Hunter, Herbert Clyde Lewis, Weldon Melick

Bobby Breen, Kent Taylor, Marla Shelton

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