Easy Virtue (1928)

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“Easy Virtue” is a play by Noël Coward, first performed in 1924. It was later adapted into a silent film in 1928, directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The story follows Larita Filton, a glamorous and free-spirited young woman who marries John Whittaker, a young Englishman, after a whirlwind romance on the French Riviera. However, when they return to England, Larita finds herself ostracized by John’s family and society because of her past as a professional dancer and her divorce from her previous husband.

The play and film explore themes of social class, gender roles, and the tensions between tradition and modernity. It was considered controversial at the time for its frank treatment of divorce and female sexuality.

The film adaptation of “Easy Virtue” was notable for being one of Hitchcock’s earliest successes, showcasing his skill at combining suspense and humor. While it was initially dismissed by critics, it has since gained a reputation as a classic of early British cinema.

Alfred Hitchcock

Noël Coward, Eliot Stannard

Isabel Jeans, Franklin Dyall, Eric Bransby Williams

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