Double Exposure (1944)

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“Double Exposure” is a 1944 film noir directed by William Berke. The film follows the story of a photographer named Chris Cross (played by Chester Morris), who is obsessed with a woman named Kitty March (played by Nancy Kelly). Chris’s obsession reaches dangerous levels when he accidentally takes a picture of a murder and Kitty becomes the prime suspect.

Chris, who has been using his camera to take pictures of Kitty without her knowledge, finds himself in a difficult situation when he realizes that the photo he took of the murder scene has also captured Kitty in the background. Chris decides to protect Kitty by manipulating the evidence, but his actions only make matters worse.

As the police investigation intensifies, Chris’s dark secrets are slowly revealed, and his mental instability is brought to light. Chris’s former lover, a woman named Adele (played by Constance Dowling), also resurfaces and becomes involved in the unfolding events.

Ultimately, the truth is revealed, and Chris is forced to confront the consequences of his actions. The film ends on a somber note, with Chris being led away by the police, his obsession with Kitty ultimately leading to his downfall.

William Berke

Winston Miller, Maxwell Shane, Ralph Graves

Chester Morris, Nancy Kelly, Jane Farrar

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