Dixie Jamboree (1944)

3/5 (1)

“Dixie Jamboree” is a musical comedy film released in 1944. The story follows a struggling songwriter named Dan Dixon (played by Fuzzy Knight), who travels to New Orleans to attend a music festival in the hopes of selling his songs to a famous producer.

Once in New Orleans, Dixon meets a beautiful singer named Ginger (played by Frances Langford), who he quickly falls in love with. However, Dixon soon discovers that Ginger is being controlled by her greedy manager, Linton (played by Percy Kilbride), who is only interested in making money off of her talent.

Dixon decides to help Ginger break free from Linton’s grasp and convinces her to sing his songs at the music festival. Despite Linton’s attempts to sabotage their performance, Dixon and Ginger manage to impress the producer and secure a record deal.

As Dixon and Ginger’s careers take off, they find themselves in the middle of a love triangle with another singer named Daisy Mae (played by Sheila Ryan). However, Dixon ultimately chooses Ginger and they continue to perform together, while Linton is left to rue his missed opportunity.

Overall, “Dixie Jamboree” is a light-hearted musical comedy that showcases the talents of its cast and features several memorable musical performances. The film explores themes of love, ambition, and the power of music to bring people together.

Christy Cabanne

Sam Neuman, Lawrence Taylor

Frances Langford, Guy Kibbee, Eddie Quillan

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