Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947)

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“Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome” is a 1947 crime thriller film based on the popular comic strip character Dick Tracy. The film was directed by John Rawlins and stars Ralph Byrd as Dick Tracy, Anne Gwynne as Tess Trueheart, and Boris Karloff as Gruesome.

In the film, Dick Tracy is investigating a series of robberies and murders that appear to be connected to a notorious criminal named Gruesome. Gruesome is a mysterious and dangerous figure who has eluded the police for years, and Tracy is determined to bring him to justice.

As Tracy gets closer to Gruesome, he finds himself facing numerous dangers, including being held captive by the criminal mastermind and his henchmen. With the help of his loyal partner, Pat Patton, and his girlfriend Tess Trueheart, Tracy must use all of his detective skills to outsmart Gruesome and bring him to justice.

Throughout the film, Tracy and Gruesome engage in a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse, with Tracy always one step behind Gruesome. But in the end, Tracy is able to outwit Gruesome and bring him to justice, foiling his plans and saving the day.

“Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome” is a classic crime thriller filled with suspense, action, and intrigue, and is a must-see for fans of the genre and the Dick Tracy character.

John Rawlins

Robertson White, Eric Taylor, William Graffis

Boris Karloff, Ralph Byrd, Anne Gwynne

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