Der Golem (1920)

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“Der Golem” is a silent horror film directed by Paul Wegener and Carl Boese in 1920. The film is based on Jewish folklore and follows the story of a Rabbi who creates a golem, a giant clay creature, to protect the Jewish people in the 16th century.

The golem, brought to life through a mystical ritual, proves to be a powerful protector for the Jewish community against the oppression of the city’s ruling class. However, as the golem becomes more and more uncontrollable, it starts to pose a threat to the people it was created to protect.

In the end, the Rabbi is forced to destroy the golem and bury it in the attic of the synagogue. However, the film ends with the suggestion that the golem may still be alive, and could be reawakened if needed.

“Der Golem” is considered a classic of German expressionist cinema, known for its innovative use of special effects and its haunting visual style. The film has been highly influential, inspiring numerous other horror films and has become a cult favorite among horror movie fans.

Paul Wegener, Carl Boese

Paul Wegener, Henrik Galeen

Paul Wegener, Albert Steinr├╝ck, Ernst Deutsch

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