Danger Flight (1939)

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“Danger Flight” is a 1939 adventure film directed by Howard Bretherton and starring John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, and Ward Bond.

The film follows the story of pilot Jim Carmichael, who is hired to fly a plane carrying a valuable cargo across the Pacific Ocean. As he sets out on his journey, he discovers that his co-pilot has been replaced with a criminal who plans to steal the cargo and sabotage the flight.

Jim and his passengers, including a young woman named Joan, must work together to overcome the dangerous obstacles that they face during their flight, including bad weather and mechanical problems with the plane. They are also pursued by the criminal co-pilot, who is determined to carry out his plan to steal the cargo and escape.

As the flight progresses, tensions rise and the danger intensifies, leading to a thrilling climax as Jim and his passengers fight to keep the plane in the air and defeat the criminal co-pilot.

“Danger Flight” is a classic adventure film filled with action, suspense, and excitement, and is a must-see for fans of the genre. The film also showcases the pioneering era of aviation, with stunning aerial shots and thrilling flying sequences that capture the spirit of early aviation.

Howard Bretherton

Byron Morgan, Edwin C. Parsons, Hal Forrest

John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Milburn Stone

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