Danger Ahead (1935)

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“Danger Ahead” is a 1935 adventure film directed by Albert Herman and starring Dick Foran, Ann Doran, and Gordon Westcott.

The film follows the story of Bob Martin, a young engineer who is hired by a construction company to oversee the building of a new railroad. As he works on the project, he discovers that a rival company is trying to sabotage the construction in order to secure the rights to build the railroad themselves.

Bob and his team must face many challenges and dangers as they try to complete the railroad on time, including floods, rockslides, and attacks from the rival company’s hired thugs. Along the way, Bob falls in love with the daughter of the owner of the construction company, but their romance is threatened by the sabotage and danger around them.

As the deadline for completion of the railroad approaches, Bob and his team must work tirelessly to overcome the obstacles in their way and finish the project on time. In the end, they are successful, and the new railroad is built, bringing prosperity to the area and thwarting the plans of the rival company.

“Danger Ahead” is a classic adventure film filled with action, romance, and suspense, and is a must-see for fans of the genre.

Albert Herman

Peter B. Kyne, Al Martin

Lawrence Gray, Sheila Bromley, J. Farrell MacDonald

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