D.O.A. (1950)

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“D.O.A.” is a 1950 film noir directed by Rudolph Maté and starring Edmond O’Brien and Pamela Britton.

The film follows the story of Frank Bigelow, a small-town accountant who arrives in San Francisco for a weekend of fun. However, after a night of heavy drinking, Frank wakes up to discover that he has been poisoned and has only a few days to live.

Desperate to find out who poisoned him and why, Frank embarks on a dangerous and thrilling investigation, leading him to a seedy underworld of crime and corruption. He encounters a cast of characters, including a shady nightclub owner and a mysterious blonde, all of whom may hold the key to his death.

As Frank’s health rapidly deteriorates, he races against time to uncover the truth and bring his killer to justice before it’s too late.

“D.O.A.” is a classic film noir that showcases the genre’s characteristic themes of corruption, crime, and moral ambiguity. O’Brien delivers a compelling performance as the doomed protagonist, and the film’s fast-paced and suspenseful plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The film remains a classic of the genre and a must-see for fans of film noir.

Rudolph Maté

Russell Rouse, Clarence Greene

Edmond O’Brien, Pamela Britton, Luther Adler

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