Cowboy Counsellor (1932)

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“Cowboy Counsellor” is a 1932 Western film directed by Sam Newfield and starring Tim McCoy, Shirley Grey, and Wheeler Oakman. The movie follows the story of Tim Madigan (played by McCoy), a lawyer who becomes a cowboy to help his friend escape from a false murder charge.

Tim’s friend, Bill Ryan (played by Ben Corbett), is accused of murdering a man during a poker game. However, Tim believes in his friend’s innocence and decides to investigate the case himself. He goes undercover as a cowboy and joins the cattle drive where the real killer is hiding.

Tim faces many challenges during his investigation, including a band of outlaws who are also after the real killer. However, Tim’s wit and quick thinking help him navigate these challenges and ultimately clear his friend’s name.

Along the way, Tim also falls in love with Bill’s sister, Betty (played by Shirley Grey). Despite their growing feelings for each other, Tim is hesitant to pursue a relationship because of the danger he faces in his line of work.

In the end, Tim successfully proves Bill’s innocence and the real killer is brought to justice. Tim and Betty also confess their love for each other and decide to start a new life together. The movie ends with Tim riding off into the sunset with Betty by his side, ready for their new adventures together.

George Melford

Jack Natteford

Hoot Gibson, Sheila Bromley, Jack Rutherford

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