Combat America (1943)

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“Combat America” is a documentary film released in 1943, directed by the famous Hollywood director William Wyler. The film follows the experiences of American soldiers during World War II, specifically those fighting in the North African campaign.

The film was created to boost morale and support for the war effort, highlighting the bravery and determination of the American soldiers in the face of adversity. It includes footage of actual combat, as well as interviews with soldiers on the front lines.

The film begins by showing the training and preparation of American soldiers as they prepare to be sent to North Africa. It then follows their journey as they land on the beaches of Casablanca and begin fighting against the German army.

Throughout the film, viewers are given a glimpse into the everyday lives of the soldiers, from their struggles with homesickness and boredom to their moments of bravery and heroism on the battlefield.

The film also includes a powerful narration, written by famous author James Jones, that captures the courage and sacrifice of the American soldiers fighting in the war.

Overall, “Combat America” is a powerful and moving tribute to the men and women who fought in World War II. It highlights the importance of the war effort and the sacrifices made by those who served their country. The film remains a poignant reminder of the courage and determination of the Greatest Generation.

John Lee Mahin

Clark Gable, William A. Hatcher, Philip J. Hulls

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