Code of the Cactus (1939)

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“Code of the Cactus” is a 1939 western film directed by Sam Nelson and starring Tim Holt, Ray Whitley, and Emmett Lynn. The story revolves around the adventures of a cowboy named Chet Kasedon (Tim Holt) who is hired to protect a valuable gold shipment from a gang of bandits.

Chet is a tough and experienced cowboy who is well-respected in the local community. When he is hired to escort a gold shipment from a nearby mine to the bank in town, he takes the job seriously and does his best to ensure the safety of the shipment.

However, things quickly become complicated when a group of bandits led by a notorious outlaw named El Puma (LeRoy Mason) begins to pursue the gold shipment. Chet and his fellow cowboys must use all of their skills and ingenuity to outsmart the bandits and protect the gold.

Along the way, Chet also finds himself falling in love with the beautiful daughter of the mine owner, Sally Bailey (Joan Barclay). Despite the danger and uncertainty of their situation, Chet and Sally are drawn to each other and find strength in their love.

As the tension builds and the stakes get higher, Chet and his fellow cowboys must use every trick in the book to outwit the bandits and protect the gold shipment. In the end, justice is served, and Chet and Sally are able to ride off into the sunset together.

Overall, “Code of the Cactus” is a classic western adventure that features exciting action, romance, and memorable characters. It remains a beloved film among fans of the genre and is a testament to the enduring appeal of the western film.

Sam Newfield

Edward Halperin

Tim McCoy, Dorothy Short, Ben Corbett

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