Chasing Trouble (1940)

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“Chasing Trouble” is a 1940 comedy film directed by Howard Bretherton and starring Frankie Darro and Marjorie Reynolds.

The movie tells the story of Jimmy Smith (Frankie Darro), a young man who dreams of becoming a detective. However, he is currently working as a dishwasher at a hotel. One day, while washing dishes, Jimmy overhears a group of gangsters plotting to rob the hotel. He immediately alerts the police, but they don’t believe him because of his reputation for telling tall tales.

Determined to prove himself, Jimmy sets out to catch the robbers on his own. He enlists the help of his girlfriend, Peggy (Marjorie Reynolds), and together they follow the gangsters’ trail, which leads them to a deserted warehouse. There, they discover the gang’s hideout and witness the robbers in action.

Jimmy and Peggy manage to escape and go to the police with the evidence they’ve gathered. With the help of the young detective, the police are able to arrest the gangsters and Jimmy finally earns the respect of his peers.

“Chasing Trouble” is a light-hearted and entertaining film that showcases the talents of Frankie Darro and Marjorie Reynolds. The movie features a mix of comedy, action, and suspense, making it an enjoyable watch for fans of classic cinema.

Howard Bretherton

Mary Eunice McCarthy

Frankie Darro, Marjorie Reynolds, Mantan Moreland

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