Charlie Shanghaied (1915)

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“Charlie Shanghaied” is a 1915 American silent comedy film directed by Charles Chaplin and starring Chaplin in the lead role.

The film follows Chaplin’s iconic character, The Tramp, as he travels to a port town and falls in love with a woman named Edna. However, their romance is cut short when The Tramp is drugged and kidnapped by a group of sailors who force him to work on their ship.

As The Tramp adapts to life on the ship, he becomes embroiled in a series of comical mishaps and struggles to avoid the wrath of the ship’s captain. The Tramp ultimately finds a way to escape and make his way back to Edna, with whom he is reunited in a touching finale.

“Charlie Shanghaied” is a classic example of Chaplin’s signature style, featuring slapstick humor, physical comedy, and charming characterizations. It is a testament to Chaplin’s enduring legacy as a master of silent film, and remains a beloved classic of the genre.

Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin

Charles Chaplin, Billy Armstrong, Lawrence A. Bowes

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