Cat Women of the Moon (1953)

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“Cat-Women of the Moon” is a 1953 science fiction movie directed by Arthur Hilton. The movie follows a group of astronauts who travel to the moon in search of a valuable new mineral called “lunarium.” However, their mission is complicated when they discover a hidden civilization of cat-like women who have lived on the moon for thousands of years.

The astronauts are led by Laird Grainger (Sonny Tufts) and his girlfriend, Helen Salinger (Marie Windsor). Also on the mission are Kip Reissner (Victor Jory), Doug Smith (William Phipps), and Walt Walters (Douglas Fowley). When they arrive on the moon, they find the cat-women’s city and are quickly captured by the women, who plan to keep the astronauts as their mates.

The cat-women are led by the beautiful but dangerous Alpha (Carol Brewster), who is intrigued by the presence of the human astronauts. As the astronauts try to escape, they are forced to navigate treacherous lunar landscapes, deal with internal conflicts, and battle the cat-women’s advanced technology.

In the end, the astronauts are able to escape with their lives and the valuable lunarium they came to find. The cat-women are left behind, but not before Alpha expresses a desire to someday visit Earth and meet the human men who fascinated her.

“Cat-Women of the Moon” is a classic example of the science fiction movies of the 1950s, with its focus on space exploration and alien encounters. While its special effects and production values may seem dated by modern standards, the movie is remembered fondly by fans of the genre for its campy charm and iconic imagery.

Arthur Hilton

Roy Hamilton, Jack Rabin, Al Zimbalist

Sonny Tufts, Victor Jory, Marie Windsor

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