Carnival of Souls (1962)

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“Carnival of Souls” is a horror film released in 1962, directed by Herk Harvey and starring Candace Hilligoss. The film tells the story of Mary Henry, a young woman who survives a car accident and finds herself drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.

As Mary tries to resume her life after the accident, she begins to experience strange and terrifying visions of a pale-faced man who seems to be following her wherever she goes. She also becomes increasingly isolated and detached from the people around her, leading her to question her own sanity.

As she delves deeper into the mystery of the carnival and the strange man who haunts her, Mary discovers a shocking secret that forces her to confront the reality of her own existence.

The film is known for its eerie and atmospheric cinematography, which creates a sense of foreboding and unease throughout. It also features a haunting musical score, composed by Gene Moore, that adds to the film’s haunting and unsettling atmosphere.

“Carnival of Souls” is often cited as a cult classic and a landmark of independent horror cinema. It explores themes of identity, isolation, and the fear of death, while also utilizing innovative techniques to create a sense of horror and unease.

Herk Harvey

John Clifford, Herk Harvey

Candace Hilligoss, Frances Feist, Sidney Berger

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