British Intelligence (1940)

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“British Intelligence” is a 1940 spy thriller directed by Terry O. Morse and starring Boris Karloff, Margaret Lindsay, and Bruce Lester. The film is set in World War I and revolves around the efforts of British intelligence to infiltrate a German spy ring operating in London.

Karloff plays Valdar, a German spy who is posing as a scientist working for the British government. His true allegiance is discovered by a young British agent named Richard Hannay (Lester), who sets out to expose the spy ring and prevent Valdar from delivering vital military secrets to the Germans.

The film is notable for its patriotic themes and its depiction of the heroic efforts of British intelligence during the war. It also features several suspenseful action sequences, including a thrilling chase through the London underground.

“British Intelligence” was made at the height of World War II and was intended to boost morale and inspire audiences to support the war effort. The film was well-received upon its release and helped establish Karloff as a leading character actor.

Terry O. Morse

Lee Katz, Anthony Paul Kelly

Boris Karloff, Margaret Lindsay, Bruce Lester

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