Brand of the Devil (1944)

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“Brand of the Devil” is a Western film released in 1944 and directed by Oliver Drake. The film centers on a cattle rancher named Sam Garrett (Tom Keene), who is falsely accused of murder by a corrupt banker named Joe Dixon (I. Stanford Jolley) and his henchman, Cole Younger (Jack Ingram).

The film begins with Garrett returning to his ranch after a long absence, only to discover that Dixon and Younger have taken control of his property and are forcing his wife, Sue (Sugar Dawn), and his foreman, Tom (Glenn Strange), to work for them. When Garrett confronts Dixon and Younger, they frame him for the murder of a local rancher and have him arrested.

While in jail, Garrett meets a young lawyer named Jack (Dave O’Brien), who believes in his innocence and decides to help him. Jack manages to get Garrett released on bail and they both start investigating the case to clear his name. Along the way, they discover that Dixon and Younger have been stealing cattle from local ranchers and selling them for their own profit.

In the final showdown, Garrett and Jack confront Dixon and Younger, who have kidnapped Sue and Tom. A gunfight ensues, and in the end, Garrett and Jack emerge victorious. Dixon and Younger are brought to justice, and Garrett is cleared of all charges. The film ends on a happy note, with Garrett and Sue reunited and their ranch restored.

“Brand of the Devil” is a typical Western film of its time, with themes of justice, good versus evil, and the importance of loyalty and friendship. The film features solid performances from its cast and is notable for its fast-paced action sequences and thrilling gunfights.

Harry L. Fraser

Elmer Clifton

Dave O’Brien, James Newill, Guy Wilkerson

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