Borrowed Wives (1930)

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“Borrowed Wives” is a pre-code romantic comedy film released in 1930. The story follows two friends, Dick and Jerry, who both have fiancées but are struggling financially. To solve their financial troubles, they devise a plan to borrow each other’s fiancée in order to seduce a wealthy woman and gain access to her fortune.

However, complications arise when both men fall in love with the woman they are supposed to seduce, and their true identities are eventually revealed. The women are initially upset but eventually forgive their fiancés and the two couples reconcile, with a happy ending for all.

The film was directed by Frank R. Strayer and stars Rex Lease as Dick, Vera Reynolds as Jerry’s fiancée, and Marguerite De La Motte as the wealthy woman they try to seduce. The film is notable for its portrayal of casual infidelity and its frank discussion of sexuality, which was unusual for films of its time.

Frank R. Strayer

Scott Darling

Rex Lease, Vera Reynolds, Paul Hurst

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