Border Law (1931)

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“Border Law” is a 1931 Western film directed by Louis King and starring Buck Jones, Carmelita Geraghty, and Wallace MacDonald. The film tells the story of a Texas Ranger named Jim Warren (Jones) who is sent to investigate a series of murders that have been occurring along the Mexican border.

As Warren delves deeper into the investigation, he discovers that the murders are part of a larger criminal conspiracy involving corrupt officials and organized crime syndicates. Warren teams up with a Mexican woman named Raquel (Geraghty) to uncover the truth and bring the criminals to justice.

Along the way, Warren and Raquel face a variety of obstacles and dangers, including treacherous terrain, hostile locals, and violent criminals. They must also navigate their own romantic feelings for each other, which are complicated by their cultural differences and the tensions between their respective countries.

The film culminates in a thrilling shootout and a dramatic confrontation between Warren and the main villain. “Border Law” is known for its exciting action sequences and its exploration of themes of justice and cross-cultural relationships. Buck Jones’s performance as the heroic Texas Ranger helped cement his reputation as one of the leading stars of the Western genre.

Louis King

Stuart Anthony

Buck Jones, Lupita Tovar, Jim Mason

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