Border Caballero (1936)

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“Border Caballero” is a western film released in 1936, directed by the legendary film maker, Wallace W. Fox, and starring Tim McCoy, Lois January, and Ralph Morgan.

The story follows Tim McCoy as Tim Ross, a government agent who is sent to the Mexican border to investigate a series of cattle rustling incidents. While there, he meets and falls in love with the beautiful rancher’s daughter, Dolores (played by Lois January). However, their romance is complicated by the fact that her father, Don Carlos (played by Joseph Schildkraut), is suspected of being involved in the cattle rustling.

As Tim investigates the cattle rustling, he uncovers a larger plot involving a gang of smugglers who are smuggling gold across the border. With the help of Dolores and his trusty horse, Diablo, Tim sets out to stop the smugglers and clear Don Carlos’ name.

Throughout the film, there are plenty of thrilling action sequences, including shootouts and horseback chases, as Tim and his companions face off against the smugglers. There is also some romance as Tim and Dolores develop feelings for each other, despite their conflicting loyalties.

In the end, Tim is able to stop the smugglers and clear Don Carlos’ name. He and Dolores ride off into the sunset together, with the promise of a bright future ahead of them. The film’s blend of action, romance, and adventure make it a classic example of the western genre, and Tim McCoy’s performance as the heroic agent adds depth and nuance to the character.

Sam Newfield

Norman S. Hall

Tim McCoy, Lois January, Ralph Byrd

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