Bird of Paradise (1932)

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“Bird of Paradise” is a romantic adventure film released in 1932, directed by King Vidor and starring Dolores del Rio and Joel McCrea. The story is set on a remote island in the South Pacific, where a young American named Johnny falls in love with a Polynesian princess named Luana.

Johnny is traveling with his friend, Bill, to get away from his troubles in the United States. They end up on the island where they meet Luana, who is betrothed to a tribal prince. Despite the cultural differences and warnings from the locals, Johnny and Luana fall deeply in love.

However, their love is threatened by the arrival of a volcanic eruption, which the natives believe is a sign of displeasure from the gods. To appease the gods, the tribal prince demands that Luana be sacrificed. Johnny and Luana flee into the jungle, pursued by the prince and his warriors.

As they journey through the dangerous terrain, Johnny and Luana must overcome their differences and work together to survive. They eventually find refuge in a cave, where they profess their love for each other. However, they are soon discovered by the prince, and a final confrontation ensues.

In the end, Johnny and Luana choose to face their fate together rather than be separated. They stand hand in hand as the volcano erupts, symbolizing the power of their love and the forces of nature that brought them together.

The film is notable for its stunning cinematography and use of on-location filming in Hawaii, as well as its portrayal of a romantic relationship between a white man and a non-white woman, which was controversial for its time.

King Vidor

Richard Walton Tully, Wells Root, Wanda Tuchock

Dolores del Rio, Joel McCrea, John Halliday

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