Billy the Kid Returns (1938)

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“Billy the Kid Returns” is a Western film released in 1938 and directed by Joseph Kane. The movie stars Roy Rogers as a young cowboy named Roy Rogers who is mistaken for the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid.

The movie begins with Roy Rogers being hired by a group of ranchers to help protect their land from a corrupt landowner named Morgan Reynolds, played by Horace Murphy. While on his way to their ranch, Roy is mistaken for Billy the Kid, who is believed to have been killed years earlier.

Roy decides to go along with the mistaken identity, as he believes it will help him gain the trust of the ranchers and get closer to Morgan Reynolds. However, he soon discovers that a group of outlaws is using the legend of Billy the Kid to intimidate the locals and take control of the town.

With the help of a young girl named Sally, played by Lynne Roberts, who is the daughter of one of the ranchers, Roy must stop the outlaws and bring peace back to the town. Along the way, he must also convince the townspeople that he is not really Billy the Kid and that he is working to help them.

In the end, Roy is able to expose the outlaws’ plot and bring Morgan Reynolds to justice. He also wins the respect and admiration of the townspeople, who come to see him as a hero. Roy decides to stay in town and continue to help the ranchers protect their land, while Sally and he develop a romantic interest in each other.

Joseph Kane

Jack Natteford

Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Lynne Roberts

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