Billy the Kid in Texas (1940)

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“Billy the Kid in Texas” is a 1940 Western film directed by Oliver Drake and starring Bob Steele as Billy the Kid. The film follows Billy as he attempts to clear his name and evade the law in Texas after being falsely accused of murder.

The story begins with Billy and his partner Fuzzy Jones on the run from the law after a bank robbery. They take refuge in a small Texas town, where they meet a young woman named Sally, who works at the local newspaper.

When a prominent citizen of the town is murdered, Billy is falsely accused of the crime and the local law enforcement sets out to capture him. Meanwhile, Sally helps Billy and Fuzzy uncover the real killer and clear Billy’s name.

The film is notable for its fast-paced action and classic Western themes of lawlessness and redemption. It also features the charismatic performance of Bob Steele as Billy the Kid, a character who has become a legendary figure in Western folklore.

Sam Newfield

Joseph O’Donnell

Bob Steele, Terry Walker, Al St. John

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