Beyond Tomorrow (Beyond Christmas) (1940)

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“Beyond Tomorrow,” also known as “Beyond Christmas,” is a 1940 Christmas fantasy film directed by A. Edward Sutherland. The story revolves around three wealthy and lonely businessmen named George, Allan, and Michael who decide to spend Christmas together.

While vacationing in New York City, the three men meet a young woman named Jean Lawrence and invite her to join them for dinner. They all get along well, and the three men feel a deep connection with Jean.

However, tragedy strikes when the three men are killed in a plane crash on their way home from vacation. After their deaths, they become ghosts and try to help Jean and her struggling career as a singer.

The ghosts arrange for Jean to meet a young and ambitious businessman named James Houston, and the two begin a relationship. However, the ghosts fear that James is not the right man for Jean and try to intervene.

In the end, the ghosts are able to help Jean find true love with Jim, who is revealed to be the long-lost son of one of the businessmen. The film ends with the three ghosts ascending to heaven, content that they were able to help Jean find happiness.

The film is notable for its heartwarming story of love and redemption and its themes of generosity and selflessness. It also features an early use of special effects to depict the three ghosts and their interactions with the living world.

A. Edward Sutherland

Adele Comandini, Mildred Cram

Harry Carey, C. Aubrey Smith, Charles Winninger

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