Betty Boop-Judge for a Day (1935)

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“Judge for a Day” is a Betty Boop animated short film released in 1935. The cartoon starts with Betty Boop working as a courtroom stenographer. When the judge goes on vacation, Betty is asked to fill in as a temporary judge for the day.

Betty’s first case involves a group of animals who are in court for various offenses. The animals include a bear, a lion, a kangaroo, and a gorilla. Betty listens to each of their cases and sentences them to punishments that fit their crimes.

The second case is a dispute between a mouse and a cat. The mouse accuses the cat of stealing her cheese. Betty examines the evidence and finds the cat guilty. She orders the cat to return the cheese to the mouse.

The final case involves a man who is accused of stealing a woman’s purse. Betty takes her job as a judge very seriously and presides over the trial with confidence. She examines the evidence, listens to the witnesses, and ultimately finds the man guilty. She sentences him to a year in jail.

At the end of the cartoon, the judge returns and thanks Betty for her hard work. Betty goes back to her job as a stenographer, but not before she gives the judge a playful wink, showing that she enjoyed her time as a judge for a day.

Dave Fleischer, Myron Waldman

Jack Mercer, Mae Questel

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